Hang in there. I also think this linked with your last year’s experience and most importantly your loneliness.

I am still going through fears and anxiety but don’t stay up because I take meds and now I am starting therapy - again.

Some losses leave us without orientation in present and subconscious is craves correction. I always take expert advice.

Take care.

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So, do I- hate it all. I wish with all my heart that things were different, but they're not. So, my heart goes out to you - because I know that loss all too well.

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First what many people don't realize is that when you are angry, many times it is because of something you fear. Your fear (whether you realize what that fear is or not) manifests itself in anger, and we may not realize why we are angry.

I also did quick research on people having nightmares as part of the grieving process, which to me sound cruel. But it is normal, and part of the grieving process for some people.

I found this book that might be a starting point. Poop I can't post the link, but it is from a blog: www/griefhealingblog.com. They suggest a book on Amazon "Grief Dreams: How they help us heal after the death of a loved one.

Not sure if that would help, but it might help.


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Sending you as much warmth and goodness as I can! Dreams like that are torture.

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