Sitemap - 2023 - Fat Turkey Farm

Reflections on the Past 2 Year's

Ok, That Was Strange

December Farm Update

An Honor and Sacred Duty

I Prefer the Dull Moments

Making Friends with a CSM

Tis the Day Before Thanksgiving

The Perils of Dry Weather

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So You Want to be a Farmer or Rancher: Chores

November Farm Update

Bittersweet Days

I'm still here!

Tempt Fate and Get Your Ass Kicked

2 Years Today

September Farm Update

A Poop By Any Other Name.......

Vermin Invasion

A Funky Place

The tale of Jimmy Bull

Miss Lucy Update

The Great Hat Sale

Weston County Fair Recap

Heat Heat Go Away

The Smell from Hell

Farm Update July

Living History Days

Been Quite Busy!

Flies and Mosquitos and Gnats, Oh My!

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Profiles in Fiber Arts: Camaj Fiber Arts

Old Time Cake Donuts

Sorting the Remnants of a Life

So You Want to Raise Some Sheep

Lambing is Officially Done!

A Springtime Rite of Passage

Farm Updates

The Struggle is Real.

The Lambing Barn

The Life of Nicky

Spaetzle, Spaetzle, We All Love Spaetzle!

The Strange Mystery of the Zucchini Under the Men’s Bathroom Sink

It's Been a Rough Day on the Farm

The Mystery of the Door in the Tree

Abscess Draining 101

The Hat Kick

And it's Done...Shearing that is!

Sounds From the Shearing Barn

Cuteness Overload

I Had Hoped.....

Mini Crank In

History Repeating Itself?

Hiding from the World

Historic Cooking-18th C Pound Cake

The Dreaded Term "Dead (insert animal of choice here)

Home Brewing—Racking Day

2022 Combed Top Blend

Legacy Knitting

From the Files of...You Can't Make This Up

The Naughty Bunch

In Search of Comfort Food

Home Brewing-Mead

The Fallacy of Strength

Chaos Dreams

Home Brewing-Hard Cider

Lovely Miss Lucy

Torn Asunder